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In the mid 1990’s, an esteemed Austrian sport scientist, Dr. Norbert Egger was trialing vacuum technology to help facilitate his patients’ rehabilitation. He noticed that when combined with gentle exercise, patients received better recovery results and lost inches in areas that previously healthy diets and regular exercise couldn’t shift.As a physiologist, Egger knew that good circulation and exercise are critical to achieve weight loss in a specific area. With this knowledge in mind, he set out with a team of scientists and mechanical engineers to develop a revolutionary training device.The team believed in solid empirical evidence to prove their theories. So in 1998, Dr Egger undertook a landmark study testing HYPOXI with 530 women. The results were so profound that HYPOXI was launched into production that same year.HYPOXI products have proven so effective that the company now distributes to 40 countries across the globe – making the world’s leading supplier of vacuum technology based weight loss systems.

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