A unique Dubai weight loss programs through Hypoxi that can be combined with other special body treatments.  Hypoxi is one of our signature services that provides an innovative method for fat, cellulite & weight loss.  Hypoxi fast weight loss program provides for an overall figure forming and shaping naturally. Hypoxi fast weight loss program at our certified Dubai Hypoxi studio allows you to reduce fat fast.  It provides for means to target specific problematic body areas naturally and simply through moderate exercise.

Hypoxi is natural and has three times the advantages over working out alone.  The Hypoxi training method allows you to target the stubborn problematic fat areas of the your body.  Model your desired figure – Naturally through Hypoxi!

Success is visible within few sessions and ensures long term effectiveness. Hypoxi weight loss is natural, non medical, non Surgical and non Invasive.

Our Dubai Hypoxi studio is focused on bringing you the utmost results, FAST.  Our team consists of qualified Physiotherapist and Nurses who can coach you, guide you and monitor your performance and achievements.  Hypoxi training offers you a short, yet exciting  journey that will bring you to your target weight and desired shape.

Multiple Hypoxi weight loss programs are available for you to choose from.  Our staff can tailor the right weight loss program according to your needs.  They may combine Hypoxi weight loss with other treatments such as Endermology lymphatic drainage, Thermal Body wraps, sea weed wraps and more.

The end results, is a slimmer you with a more toned skin and of course a healthier overall look.

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Personalized weight loss program that caters to your body condition, lifestyle, and expectations. All Natural – Free Hypoxi Trail & Consultation

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Real people real results Dubai

Silvia from Hypoxi Studio Ramsgate shares her Hypoxi experience with us and how Hypoxi gave her…

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What is Hypoxi

The Hypoxi method contains of special vacuum and pressure therapy that manipulates…

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Scientifically proven

The registration of HYPOXI’s Patent Number E.P 0906774131 on 3 October 1997 marked a new era…

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Which Treatment is right for

Whether you’re an apple or a pear, we know that every person is different when it comes to weight loss…

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In The Media

Since HYPOXI’s launch in the European market in 1998 it has been subject to significant media…

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The history of HYPOXI

In the mid 1990’s, an esteemed Austrian sport scientist, Dr. Norbert Egger was trialing vacuum…

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Frequently asked questions

No, it is completely non-invasive and pain-free. Many clients comment that the alternating pressure…

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