Treat your body shape & texture; as you desire

Body care at Machka

We offer carefully selected body care treatments specific to your needs and desires.  We believe that every body treatment should have an end results.  Our treatments can enhance your body shape, skin texture and tone.  Additional we have specific massages to relax you or to address certain troubled body areas.

Your body is a temple, at Machka Beauty & Body Design we will help you shape up, tone, sooth, smooth and or relax your body. We have carefully selected body care treatments that bring you results. Read more below and expand links further to learn about every body care treatment type and let us know your interest. Our therapists are always happy to guide you to the proper treatment that fits your budget and meets you goals.

Keep in mind that in order to achieve best results, multiple treatments and combinations are best suited to bring lasting longterm results.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Machka.


Our high tech slimming concept equipment and body treatments work best as part of a program…

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Body Massage

Your body is a temple, at Machka Beauty & Body Design we will help you shape up, tone, sooth…

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Dead See Mud Bath

Dead Sea mud effect is remarkable with its high rich mineral and vitamin authentic products that penetrate…

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Waxing & Threading

Attain essential silky smooth skin with our comprehensive body waxing and threading… Highest quality best Hygiene!

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Body Scrubs

Buff your skin into super-smooth shape with our exfoliating body scrubs and body polishes…

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Moroccan & Turkish Baths

Indulge in the luxury of our authentic Moroccan Bath. A head to toe exfoliation administered…

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Body wraps

Wrap yourself skinny and contour your body to the shape you’ve always wanted with…

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Slim Vest

The size reduction suit from Switzerland. The Active Ingredients of SlimVest set your stored…

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